Flenoit (Flip) Webster (Art, Film/Video 86)

Flenoit (Flip) Webster (Art, Film/Video 86) checks in: “The Melded Mind movie is more than just a romantic take of an international relationship between American photographer Jack Diamond and his Nigerian model love interest Catherine Queen. The story is an ‘insider’s’ industry guide into the world of fashion abroad and an international guide of who’s who in an industry that has hosted some of THE most beautiful women in the world who happen to come from this very same place. The more research that I had to do to write this script the more that I understood that we Americans have a fantasy about African culture, history, and lifestyles that we glamorize where it suits us and discredit it where we know no better. And I wanted to give a sharper look on this project and the next three to follow. I’m excited about HOW we’re going to shoot and present this and HOW we’ve soundtracked it. The sleekness and the progressive attitude of both discovery and adventure both in love and industry make The Melded Mind stick with a person’s new psyche. Enjoy! Produced by Hallel House, written by Flenoit (Flip) Webster and Serah Yucy.”   

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