Miss Edistsew Pageant



A New Black Beauty Peageant Awaits You With Amazing Prizes, Miss Edistew International

A new and exciting beauty pageant dawns on us. Reaching out to the melanated beauties of the world, get ready to witness the heat of serious contestant’s battle it out for the Miss Edistew International pageant.

Partners Serah Yucy ( SYucy Entertainment ) and Flip Webster ( S.U.N. Programme Factory III). Created Hallel House to join the artistic endeavors of both Africans and African Americans into new genres of entertainment and opportunities.

The Latest opportunity is the MISS EDISTSEW PAGEANT – owned and hosted by Miss Nigeria Tourism ambassador 20/21 Serah Yucy and American Music Video and Television Director/producer Flip Webster.

The Promise of the Miss Edistsew Pageant is to start youths in entertainment in a POWERFUL direction without compromise in such a way that winners and runners ups and even participants will be felt in the creation of this new genre-driven industry both in African markets and overseas in both American and European markets in a way never presented to African models before. Watch the advert below.

For more information, future participants can follow and message here


And be given directions for the steps for successfully participating

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